April 12, 2014 


I haven’t updated for a while. But recently it’s summer here. Of course, it’s freakin’ hot, and I badly wanna go out but I still haven’t got my money. And the other day, we went for a swim, and after that, I got sunburn. I know, i’m stupid.

I’m bored. Nothing exciting happened yet. But I can’t wait for the book signing of Ransom Riggs —the Author of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and Hollow City, incase you don’t know— it’s held on 26th of April, aaand it’s free! Yeah, i’m excited. And by the end of that, my friends and I are going out—i’m coming because free food— we haven’t seen each other for two weeks, i miss them.

And by the 3rd of May, my aunt is getting married. Yes, party, food, formal, party, food —I heard the food was great— and the location is very pretty. I’m excited because i’ll get to wear this pretty dress, and more socializing and stuff. My aunt is my mom’s best friend. So… More freebies from the wedding (;

Well, that’s all for now. Whoever’s reading this, i love you, and you’re beautiful. x

April 08 2014

omg pls get rid off the top hat

and again, MATT HEALY IS HOT.

i haven’t updated for awhile, sorry. 

Went to The 1975 concert, it was awesome. The guards let us in, and we got in on the actual event ground. They only played a couple of songs, and i’m expecting they’re going to sing ‘she way out, fallingforyou etc’ 

But yeah, it was my first ever concert, it was worth it. 

So this is the feeling when you see your fav band or whatever live. Wow. And how can i forget how HOT MATTY HEALY IS fUCK. One time, he poured the bottle of water at him and said “I’m sorry. i’m not used to this kind of heat” ugh. I mean, can you not, he fricking looks hot, his shirt is wet, and it’s clinging to it, ugh. 

Anywways, i love them. x 

i need to improve my photoshop skills 




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this gives me cardiac stress but it’s worth it

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