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I’m back. I guess. College has been hectic. So many sleepless nights and it’s been two weeks. U GH. Met new friends, and new friends means new drama ayeeee.

Turns out my professors ain’t that bad. Well except for my english prof. And my recent posts on my main blog are recent queued posts. Aaaand i’m losing followers (yehet.)


I’m starting off college in a few weeks. I’m so nervous, I am meeting new people, new professors and stuff. I have to work my ass off to get better grades. College is diff, they don’t care if you skip your class or whatsoever. You have to be independent. And this college that i’m attending is v strict. My parents pay 1k$ per term, and that’s a LOT.

Oh god help me.

So this is how many readers went for a book signing of Ransom Riggs, Tahered Mafi and Veronica Rossi. I know crazy.

And that is my signing pass no. (as you can see)

At least I got it signed (after 8 hours). It was worth the wait. 

I got a photo of Ransom Riggs and I but I don’t wanna show you my ugly face. But i’ll give you a hint lol

this is kinda a personal blog so…  i  hope you don’t mind my rant x

April 12, 2014 


I haven’t updated for a while. But recently it’s summer here. Of course, it’s freakin’ hot, and I badly wanna go out but I still haven’t got my money. And the other day, we went for a swim, and after that, I got sunburn. I know, i’m stupid.

I’m bored. Nothing exciting happened yet. But I can’t wait for the book signing of Ransom Riggs —the Author of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and Hollow City, incase you don’t know— it’s held on 26th of April, aaand it’s free! Yeah, i’m excited. And by the end of that, my friends and I are going out—i’m coming because free food— we haven’t seen each other for two weeks, i miss them.

And by the 3rd of May, my aunt is getting married. Yes, party, food, formal, party, food —I heard the food was great— and the location is very pretty. I’m excited because i’ll get to wear this pretty dress, and more socializing and stuff. My aunt is my mom’s best friend. So… More freebies from the wedding (;

Well, that’s all for now. Whoever’s reading this, i love you, and you’re beautiful. x

canyounot, i mean, uGH 

canyounot, i mean, uGH 


omg pls get rid off the top hat